AU Dinner

After  155 games  resulting in 2 finals, 5 out of 7 teams winning their leagues and the Freshers finishing 4th in the championship 7s tournament,  EURFC headed to Exeter Castle for the AU Dinner –  this is the annual ceremony honouring sporting excellence at the University of Exeter.


EURFC were nominated for the following categories:


•Team of the Year

•Club of the Year

•Sportsman of the Year

•Exeter Fresher of the Year


EURFC,  the largest sports club at the University,  walked away with all the nominated awards.


Clubman Guy Sullivan commented, “We have a never-say-die attitude. I think we want to achieve more. It’s not just been about the 15 guys who start, or those on the bench, it’s been a whole squad thing throughout the season.”.   Sullivan added  “All the players, all the staff, everyone has done their bit. It’s been a long season for all of us, but it’s one we have enjoyed as well!’’.


The EURFC Director of Rugby, Keith Fleming, reflected upon the season, adding it was an honour to receive all these prestigious awards. “It’s exciting times for this club” he said.  “We had a great season and we know from that performance that we can mix it with the top boys. We are doing a lot of things right and we have a lot to build on for next season. I think it’s definitely a building block for high expectations next year. We wish to increase our standards, and constantly look to always go one better.”


Well done to all those who competed for EURFC and the University of Exeter this year! #bleedgreen


Finally a huge thank you to the AU for the great evening and for all your help over the season. See you in August!


EURFC Pre-season starts August 1st 8:45 – Exeter sports park